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Tue Jul 7 20

The Beltline Trail

If you live in Midtown Toronto, chances are you’ve heard of the Beltline Trail. The Beltline Trail was established in 1989 and was built on the former Toronto Belt Line Railway. The  9km trail actually consists of three sections and each has a different name. If you’re on the West end, the York Beltline Trail starts at the end of Bowie Avenue, just West of Caledonia. The York Beltline Trail passes through the former city of York and is the only paved section of the trail. From there, so run East to Allen Road at which point you’ll need to head to the street to cross over the Allen and pick up the trail on the other side. 

The Kay Gardner Beltline Trail runs from the Allen East to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. While you’re running on dirt, the trail is not at all technical. You’ll run under Eglinton Avenue and pass the backyards of the beautiful homes that line Chaplin Crescent to the North and Forrest Hill Road to the South. This tree lined section of the trail is very popular for runners, cyclists, and walkers! Be careful crossing Bathurst Street, and enjoy the nice, subtle downhill before reaching Oriole Park. The trail continues on past the park where you’ll reach the Yonge Street overpass. The trail continues past a section of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery where the it ends at Mount Pleasant Road.  

To pick up the last segment of the trail, you’ll need to enter the cemetery and head South where you’ll exit the cemetery at Moore Avenue. Cross the road and you’ll enter the Ravine Beltline Trail. This final section of the trail starts with a steep downhill drop and then turns slightly under the Cat’s Eye Bridge and through Moore Park Ravine where you’ll enjoy a nice downhill run to the Evergreen Brick Works.