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Jon Yu
Tue Jul 13 21

The High Five of Favourite Running Socks: Let’s Sock and Roll

Running and running shoes are a pair that are usually talked about a lot. Runners check out shoe reviews (or at least I do!) and we try different ones to find just the perfect companion for our feet along our runs. But what is sometimes overlooked is what goes between our feet and our shoes: the sock! 

Running specific socks are plentiful and one of the first pieces of advice I read when I started to run more miles was to find a good pair of running shoes and no cotton socks! Cotton socks often contribute to blisters (ouch!) and can get easily drenched in sweat and moisture. So, what to look for in a running sock? Which brands are popular? Which ones are comfy? Let’s get into that! Let’s Rock! Or….Let’s Sock! (sorry…I’m sorry…)

Running socks are generally polyester, a material that helps ensure the sock doesn’t absorb sweat, and they are usually stretchy and moisture wicking. I’ve tried quite a few sock brands in the past and my wife has actually had problems with socks ripping or getting holes in toes prematurely so she has bought and tried quite a few types. Here are a few of our faves!


Balega offers quite a few styles of socks and they all have different weights (i.e. thickness). If you prefer a thicker sock, I would recommend the Blister Resist model. They have quite a bit of cushion on the bottom of the sock, focused around the heel and ball of the foot. It does create a bit of a tighter fit inside the shoe, but if you have had any type of slippage or heel lift when running, this might be a nice fit for you.

*Sidenote, if you suffer from blisters, placing some medical paper tape (the type that is used to hold gauze in place) over the blister can help protect that spot from rubbing more.


My favourite sock on the list. I love, love, love the Ultra Tab socks with Ultra Light Cushioning. They are super thin and almost feel like they’re not even there. There is slight arch support but nothing that is too intrusive. Also, they come in great colours and designs, so if you’re feeling expressive, Stance has a design for you! 


This one is a bit more unique but if you have had any trouble with blisters between your toes because they rub against each other during your runs, the Injinji Toe Socks may be just what you need to de-feet those blisters (HAHA!). While it definitely feels odd at first, once you get running, you don’t notice that each toe is in its own little home. They do come in different weights and heights, I have only tried the original weight sock that is no-show and personally, I would probably rather the lightweight version. If you don’t mind a bit more cushioning though, the original weight would work well too. 


If you are looking for running socks on a budget, I recommend the Saucony Performance Socks that can be found online in multi-packs (usually a pack of 6). These were my very first pair of running socks which I found at Winners. These socks have lasted 8 years (EIGHT!) and I still wear them on runs. They are just the right thickness and have slight support through the arch. For the value, these get a big recommendation from me! 


The Swiftwick Aspire running socks have the same weight throughout their lineup but differ in terms of how high the socks come up over the ankle. In this regard, it ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. I prefer the Aspire Zero (no-show) or Aspire One (which comes up just past my shoe line). The Aspire line is lightweight, supportive, and also durable. This one has become one of my wife’s favourites as she has worn them through many runs and they have held up through them all. 

Well, I hope that this post has gotten you off on the right foot (hehehe) into finding your perfect running sock! Remember, socks, just like running shoes, are a very personal thing. Trying multiple brands and styles may be what you need to find your perfect pair, but once you do, you and your socks will have many happy runs together – Just like sole mates (last one! HEHE)!