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Lisa S
Fri Mar 19 21

Good Runners: Run for Good

If you follow Saucony, you’ve no doubt had a chance to see their “Good Runners” campaign. This incredible campaign showcases a variety of runners and aims to share “stories that celebrate the good things that come from those who run”. Runners like Jared Ward (Saucony athlete and a top American marathoner) and Ashley Stinson (America’s fastest teacher) share their personal and professional stories in various short videos.

Good Runners + ROT6

We were overjoyed and humbled to be invited by Saucony Canada to feature our Runners of the Six team in the “Good Runners” series. Saucony saw how our IG runner profiles contribute to the running community, empowering and inspiring local, national, and global runners! We were honoured to share the stories of four of our members. We hope you enjoy the videos and find something relatable to your own journey. Please reach out and share with us how you “Run for Good”. We can’t wait to connect! A massive thank you to Saucony Canada for your support and encouragement of ROT6. We are so grateful!

And without further ado, the videos!

Dream Team

Founder + Director Jonathan Greenwald

Writer + Content Manager Olivia Levy

Associate Director André Morgan

Marketing Manager Samantha Johnson

Thanks for watching!