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The Journal

Whether you’re looking for a new running route, want to know what’s happening in the GTA Running Community, or just need a bit of inspiration, our talented team of writers got you covered!

  • The winds, wins and whines of winter

    If the sudden drop in temperature, stranded transit vehicles and exhausted snow shovelers haven’t alerted you, winter isn’t coming, it’s here. With it comes the oft-repeated statement, “There’s no bad weather- only bad gear!” It’s a phrase that sends a slight chill down my spine, like that few steps into a headwind. Why do I […]

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  • Run With It: From the Highest High to the Lowest Low Why My Running Journey Is Currently on Pause

    Introducing Maya Fitzpatrick (she/her) @mayahoodblog. Maya, a mom to three boys, writes candidly about the trials and tribulations she has experience during her running. She details the injuries and set-backs, and the good and bad in her running journey during the last few years of the pandemic. Maya has been running as long as she […]

  • Mountain to metropolis: rural versus city running

    I remember my first trail race vividly. It was the inaugural year of Round the Mountain (RtM), in my hometown of Kimberley, BC. Round the Mountain had a series of races of different lengths, much of it over challenging technical trails. I was on a two-person relay team; my mom and I would each cover […]

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  • Run With It: Running for a Cause in Boston

    For many in the running community, the Boston Marathon is the hallmark, the sought after race to run, the unicorn.  While the most common way to run the Boston Marathon is to submit a qualifying time to obtain an entry, it is not the only way to run.  For Jennifer (she/her), running Boston had always […]

    Run With It
  • Running to Relax: Finding Peace in Every Stride

    I am someone who gets overwhelmed easily.  Sometimes life throws things at you that you aren’t prepared for and it can be difficult to feel in control of life when the unexpected comes up. Sometimes life puts you in familiar situations you’re not comfortable with, and you get bogged down with the feelings you felt […]

  • Recover Like a Champ: Our Experience with the WHOOP Band 4.0 & the Garmin Body Battery

    How much do you think about your recovery? How much do you know about your sleep? We used the WHOOP Band 4.0 and the Garmin Body Battery for a month to find out what these tools could tell us about our sleep, rest, stress, and strain, and see if it made a difference in how we thought about our recovery.

    Gear and Tech
  • Run with It: No Sleep ‘Til Brockville

    Introducing our guest writer Parm (He/Him; @toofastforthetroll). Parm embarked on a journey of camaraderie with some running friends not only to test the limits of running but also to strengthen friendships through a mutually founded love of running. Born and raised in India, Parm came to Canada after high school . He started running in […]

  • Run With It: Creating Connection, Creating Community

    Introducing Alejandro De La Cruz (he/him) @brownbeardrunning Today, he writes about his experience and motivation to create community through running. Alejandro became a member of the GTA running community when he moved from the USA during the pandemic. Alejandro has a love of running, fashion, and is part of the Brooks Run Happy Team. He […]

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  • What’s Stopping You? Excuses vs. Barriers in Running

    I spend a lot of my day interacting with runners. It’s rewarding because it highlights how diverse we are, coming to the sport from different backgrounds, for different reasons, with different goals. At the same time, I see similarities between us, beyond stories of epic races, favourite shoes and disgusting gels. I gotta say: we’re […]

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  • Finding Joy Outside of Running

    I was once asked “Why would you ruin a perfectly good run, with a swim and bike before it?”. At the time I did not have a good answer. After a year of training and completing my first triathlon I finally have an answer: Joy. Completing and training for a triathlon has given me a […]

  • Running on the Mind

    Today’s post is in honour of Mental Health Month.  “Running is my therapy”. A common phrase that many people have heard and/or shared. But, what do we mean when we say this? And what do we think when we hear this? For many, running is an important part of their identity, an integral part of […]

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  • Running Disney: Here for a Good Time. And Sometimes a Long Time.

    While many fairy tales end with happily ever after, this runner’s story actually begins with it. Anyone who knows me (or has seen my Instagram feed) knows that I am obsessed with all things Disney. The reigning purveyor of magic and fantasy, Disney has played such an integral part in my childhood. Some of my […]

  • When Does Running Get Easier for Beginners?

    It’s hypothesized that human ancestors first started to run nearly 2 million years ago – so why is it the case that running doesn’t feel any easier after all this time? (Plot twist: endurance running for the sole purpose of exercise wasn’t a thing until fairly recently). Whether it’s the 1st kilometer or the last, […]

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  • What I Learned Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

    Injuries happen. It’s a part of the running journey. An unfortunate part, but a part that we all have to deal with at some point.  The most recent setback for me occurred right around December of last year and it is, I’d say, the most stubborn of injuries that I’ve had to deal with so […]

    Injuries and Prevention
  • Running through the ages: How to master it

    It is well known that sport has positive physical and mental health benefits at all ages. While sport drop out is common during the teenage years, many athletes decrease sport involvement (at all levels of sport, from recreational to elite) during the transition to university. Further, for athletes that compete during university years, the drop […]

  • New Runner Series: How to Join a Run Group When You’re A Solo Runner

    I have an embarrassing confession: I’m afraid of running groups. I find them intimidating and in my mind, I’ve always felt that I’d be too slow, too casual, too awkward or too “something” to join one. Like many of you, I prefer to run by myself because it is easier to schedule a run at […]

  • Know the Half of it: Tips for a Successful Half Marathon

    I love half marathons. There are solid reasons this distance has grown in popularity: it takes work and dedication, but doesn’t have the same second-job feel as marathon training. The next time an awestruck friend asks you about your marathon training, drop the “just”-ification. You aren’t running “just” a half marathon (HM)- you’re running 21.1 […]

  • The Social Side to Running

    By: Dennis Holden Moving to a new city/town can be a struggle. Now add in a move across the Atlantic and you will find yourself in my (running) shoes at the end of 2020. After spending two years in Scotland and meeting some amazing people through local runs, it was time to start anew in […]

  • Routed in the Six

    In a sport where consistency is vital for reaching your goals, it should come as no surprise that runners are creatures of habit. One of the clearest examples of a runner’s inclination towards routine is running the same routes over and over. Familiarity can help you build confidence and comfort when you are starting off […]

  • Parents on the Run

    This or That? If you are a runner who frequents social media – and chances are high that you are – you’ve likely seen the “this or that” images to share your running preferences with your friends. The image contains two columns and you circle your choice on the image. Do you like to run […]

  • What is Plog Running?

    The global running community is well-known for its love of the outdoors.  After all, running for kilometers on end staring at your elapsed time on a treadmill just won’t compare to the sights and sounds of running your usual neighbourhood route or getting out on the trails. Running outdoors enables us to form close connections […]

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  • Running to Some Feel Good Stories

    Read about three incredible feel good stories in the running world that took place in a difficult 2021. Lanni Marchant, Molly Seidel, and Shalane Flanagan show us what grit, determination, and fun can look like even in tough times.

  • Mastering a Long-Term Relationship with Sport: Stories of Masters Runners (Part 1)

    Runners of the Six put out a call on the Runners of the Six Instagram a few weeks ago asking what readers wanted to have included in the upcoming ROT6 journal. One of the topics that was submitted was: Masters athletes. This immediately caught my attention. Over the last year I’ve dealt with multiple injuries […]

  • Run With It: Taking Back the Track

    The ROT6 Journal Team is excited to launch our 2022 content. From January until March, we will be posting twice a month on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. We are excited to launch our guest post series “Run with it” with our first guest writer AMANDA RICHARDSON @plantbasedmotherrunner (she/her). Amanda is a […]

  • Run Safety Guide

    Run Safety Guide – A few tips to share for keeping safe while running. Got a tip? Share it in a comment below.

  • Best Gifts for Ultra Trail Runners

    The best thing about purchasing gifts for ultra trail runners is that there is a big chance they’ll be used and valued by the person you give them to. Ultra trail runners are known for their tenacity and endurance, so it’s likely after hours and days of putting in the kilometers, that a trail runner’s […]

  • Running in the USA

    Pre-pandemic I would frequently travel to the US to run races. Now that the US/Canada border is officially open for discretionary (read: leisure) travel, I am excited to continue my running adventures south of the border. I am sure many of my fellow runners feel the same. Race travel has always required some degree of […]

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  • New Runner Series: Marathon Advice for Newbies

    Running a marathon has always been one of my biggest running goals, my holy grail. This October, I finally accomplished that goal via a virtual race. While I had hoped that it would’ve been an in-person race, I had a great (and emotional) experience. As with all new race experiences, there were things I felt […]

  • 5 Running Movies on Netflix You Can Watch This Month

    Whenever I’m in a bit of a running lull, I look for ways to get myself back into it. I might pick up a book, talk about it with other runners, or watch running movies on Netflix to try to get that running spark back.  Whatever your reason for the break in your running routine, […]

  • 5 Tips to Support a Runner on Race Day

    With in person racing coming back this fall and (hopefully) here to stay, you may be feeling a bit lost with the whole environment of a race. Running an in person race as a runner after a couple years of not racing will no doubt feel weird to most of us at first. But, after […]

    Race Tips
  • Street Safety: Keeping your safe space safe

    When talking about running with friends and family, and the broader Toronto running community, over the last year, the word safe(ty) always seemed to come up. Many Toronto runners refer to running as their ‘safe place’: an escape from their day to day lives and a space where they feel free and confident. Other Toronto […]

  • Taking Up Space

    When I started running more than five years ago, one of the main things that drew me to the sport was being part of a community. As a female recreational runner, I can more or less run in public streets with some sense of comfort and ease. I can run with one (or more) of […]

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  • The Return of In-Person Races

    With the events of the last year and a half, many in the running community are excited this fall. There is a return to in-person races all over the world and especially in Toronto. While the the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will be hosting a 10K later this month, one of the first races to […]

  • The High Five: Interesting Running Achievements in the Six

    As August winds down, the oppressive humidity and scorching temperatures of the summer start to fade away. For many, this signal of cooler weather conjures images of multi-coloured leaves and the season for nutmeg spiced beverages.  For runners, it is the ultimate signal that fall race season is upon them– an opportunity to shine after […]

  • Tracking your runs: Monitoring your cycle

    Females participating in aesthetic sports often talk about, or are impacted by, menstrual cycles. For example, within dance and gymnastics, females often experience their first period (menarche) later than ‘normal’, or have irregular cycles as they develop through adolescence. This was historically referred to as part of the Female Athlete Triad. Now, this is better […]

  • The High Five of Favourite Running Socks: Let’s Sock and Roll

    Running and running shoes are a pair that are usually talked about a lot. Runners check out shoe reviews (or at least I do!) and we try different ones to find just the perfect companion for our feet along our runs. But what is sometimes overlooked is what goes between our feet and our shoes: […]

    Running Socks
  • Tracking your runs

    Runners love to track. Tracking looks different for everyone, but most often takes the form of: Indicating what days you run Recording the distance or pace of your run  Totalling the time of your run Tracking can be healthy! It helps us to remember and prioritize rest and recovery days, see our progress, and monitor […]

  • Finding Your Why

    I’ve heard many times that it’s important to “Find Your Why?” But to be very honest, I struggle with what that means. Maybe my why is just lost. Sometimes I think I’ve found it. That I’ve found some magic reason that makes sense as to why I run.

  • Running “Prehab”: Preventing Injury with a CAMPT Physiotherapist

    It’s easy to take movement for granted. Each day we rely on the ability of our bodies to perform movements of daily life.  When we run, we utilize our muscles in coordination to propel us forward.   When this doesn’t come together and dysfunction occurs, it is really evident.  Experiencing an injury impacts not only […]

  • How to Become a Better Runner: A Focus on Pelvic Health

    When I started running about a decade ago, if I ever thought about strengthening, I thought about the typical muscle groups–leg muscles, like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles for power and endurance, the ab muscles for stability, and glutes and hip muscles for strength and balance.  I took a break from running to start a […]